Book Series

The World Pleads for Change…

The world is pleading for change – we see it all around us, it is in everything we do. The change that we plead for must occur at our most impressionable level – our children.

As people, it is our responsibility to begin the conversations early… to make change… to promote diversity, equity and inclusion for all.  Inaction is an action.  Invest in your future.

The Solution:
A book series for our children that begins the conversation of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Building a positive image and respect for differences naturally weaves diversity into the landscape of children’s everyday lives. It teaches emotional intelligence and empathy in a creative way.

Create learning tools for children to celebrate and value diversity; to be proud of themselves. We Love One Another, Volume I, focuses on race, residence, and beliefs, while respecting and valuing all people regardless of their sameness or differences.

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