In the butterfly effect, one small action, given enough time, can result in change far-beyond measure. The flap of a butterfly’s wings can create a typhoon across the world.

One book donated today could change the trajectory of child’s life.

Your support and donation can be the catalyst for change in a generation.

Pick your Focus

Community-Focused Option

An organization can purchase books (as a charitable donation) to be distributed on their behalf, to students in designated classrooms.  The books will be provided at no charge to the students. Sponsoring organizations will have the option to include a company sticker in the book, to let recipients know who/why the gift was provided.

Organization-Focused Option

An organization can purchase books to be distributed to their internal teams. We encourage business partners to share these books with employees, families, friends and communities to demonstrate the organizations commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

General Donation

You can donate to the foundation and earmark funds for a specific purpose, or for general giving in support of the foundation outreach.

We Love All People Foundation is a 501(c)(3).